Milo Mineur (‘64) started with image creation in the 90’s by Souverein with the Quantel Paintbox, mostly detached at Neroc and VGM and working for photographers, publicity agency’s and artists. Image & Imagination Amsterdam gave me the possibility to develop my animation and interface design skills when photoshop becames available.

Now-a-days realising Unique Stylish HighEnd Portfolio Art with Apple, Sony and Broncolor equipment. Contact me to order custom handmade Unique Stylish HighEnd PortfolioArt as post-production with unlimited corrections until you got the perfect look and feel available as testproof for i.e. advertisement, abri or store-window especially when my specific style is involved in whatever desired digital technique.

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* me, ‘22

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+31 6 27177040


* me, HighEnd Visualisation at my studio in Pijnacker, the Netherlands ‘21 * me, starting as Quantel Paintbox Artist in Rotterdam, the Netherlands ‘93


* me, as Quantel Paintbox Artist in Rotterdam, the Netherlands ‘94


Milo Mineur Artworks • Netherlands

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